August 18, 2015


Hey loves, 
 I'm back and with a lifestyle change, we all know we set weight loss goals or healthy eating goals for our selves and never really commit!. Well that stops here because I have committed to health and working out and eating healthy, making it apart of my everyday life. I was always an  athlete in school and never really thought about how I was eating and treating my body. But now that I'm done with high school and I am working mom. I now know that it is a must that I pay attention to my body. So this past weekend I started with eating healthier and also found a nice workout plan that is fun to do because I can pace myself. So weather if it's 15 minutes or 30 minutes a day I have been doing it. When I feel like a want something sweet I will reach for some fruit instead of junk. You have to push yourself everyday because it's going to be hard, but you have to stay determined , stay motivated and focus. At the end when you reach goals it's going to be all worth it! So I encourage all you guys to be active and move!



May 14, 2015


Hey loves, 
   I wanted to share this super cute and and easy look for spring. I used my hot pod shadows from coastal scents. Also I don't like super thick foundation on my face it just feels heavy and when gets hot you melt. So my holy grail product is my BB cream from The brand Black Radiance Cosmetics. This product is so light weight and it gives good coverage and also it's build able. And it's drugstore so it's really not expensive at all, only five dollars and I stocked up for summer and got 4 bottles. You can purchase at your local Walgreens or CVS. So go get you some because this stuff is soooo good. With this look I wanted it to be easy and but yet still fresh and spring like. Hope you guys enjoy this look and have fun with it. 
 SN: no I'm not topless I have on a dress lol!




April 26, 2015


Good morning loves!
    I'm here to talk about some new brushes that I have been hearing so much about. They are being talke about all over YouTube and they are raving about them. I'm usually lot one to go with the hype but I couldn't help myself, I went ahead and purchased these brushes and let me tell you I am so impressed with these babies! You guys can get these brushes from eBay. There is a lot of colors to choose from and different type of brush sets to choose from as well. When I purchased these it took like a week to ship me. I have the kabuki set which is black and gold and I love them soooo much! These brushes are dense and they didn't shed and that is a big plus for me. Brushes that she'd before you even wash them is a big no for me. I've been using them for a week and I am hooked, I definitely will be buying more.



February 16, 2015


Hey loves , 
              Missed u guys hoped u missed me, but anyway I wanted this day to be casual, easy and all over comfortable. This was on Valentine's Day and yes I am late posting this up and I apologize for that guys. These last couple of months i have been busy with work and I'm about to school in the summer. So back to this look guys I wanted to just rock my fro, some cute and easy makeup. And threw a nice and comfy but not  too thick sweater. And some black skinny jeans and some nude sandals. And again I'm working on getting a waaaaay better camera and also I'm starting a YouTube channel so stay tuned!! 



December 29, 2014


      Hey loves! , 

         It's been way too long and I miss u guys soooo much. I know I haven't posted in while and I'm so sorry about that, I have got really busy working and preparing for the holidays. But I'm back now and I wanted to share a few things with u guys today is this New Year's Eve look ! I'm late and posting this because that night was such a blur. I rang in the new with my friends and family and I couldn't have been more happier. So today's post is my makeup look from New Years, I wanted to go super super cray cray with glitter. But I also wanted this look to be like soft as well. So the glitter might not look like its on there but it is, I'm going to get a better camera.

        This look was so simple an fun to do, Also I wanted it easy for u guys to do if u like it.
Now as for my hair I wanted to be in yo FACE OUT THERE. So why not throw some buns in right( my anaconda don't my anaconda don't want none unless u got buns Hun!!! ). Lol but on a serious note I love u guys and I hope your holidays was filled with love and great memories. Let me know if you guys like this look , comment and tell what you guys think or what u guys want to see on my blog.

Muaaaaaah bye loves!

P.S. Check them brows out!

September 6, 2014

Back 2 the basics!!

Fall is officially here and I can't be more than excited! Before I crated this look I was thinking how the basics make everything look so much effortlessly put together, if that makes since lol. So I paired this clean crisp white tee with a pair boyfriend jeans. and to top it all off a nude pair of 3 inch pumps. All these simple peices put together gives this cool laid back look. My makeup I used te Fit me foundation and concealer in the colors mocha(360) and cafe(30). Wet n wild berry palette and wet n wild cherry bomb is on my lips, with black radiance currant lip liner. Also I am in love with my clutch I think metallics are great for fall. There fun and gives your look the right pezaz! 

August 14, 2014

Happy birthday to me!!

Heys guys I'm back to bring you a OOTD and it's my birthday! I was suppose to post this last night but I got carried away having fun with my friends. But any way this look was put together really easy I wanted something comfortable and fun. I had a great time on my day we went out for sushi at a place called fusion wok, and also down in the city to a music festival.

July 17, 2014

Flower power!

Hey loves I know I have been missing in action for while. I've been focusing on school lately, I have a system where I can juggle my extra activities now. But it's feels good to be back and talking with you guys. Today's look I just wanted to go for a sweet and easy look. Whether your having a date night with Your boo or having fun with friends!

June 23, 2014

Retro Electric!

Hi my lovelies I'm back! And I wanted to show u guys a new piece added to my closet. My new envelope clutch that I purchased frame forever21. I'm in love with it, I have been mixing and matching all the cute outfits I can pair with it. So I might make this a trio and pair three different looks centered around this clutch. So stay tuned guys I will get on those looks right away!!!


May 14, 2014


    Hey lovelies been signed out for a lil while I'm back and I'm bringing you beauties some fashion inspiration. I love ms. Gabbi fresh, she is very confident and also slays what ever she wears. 
For those of you who don't know who she is she is also a fashion blogger. Also she is also one of my fave's if you can't tell already. Gabi inspires me to dress my best everyday so hope u guys like her as much as I do. I will be bringing you guys an ootd soon so keep looking out guys.

Much love



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