December 29, 2014


      Hey loves! , 

         It's been way too long and I miss u guys soooo much. I know I haven't posted in while and I'm so sorry about that, I have got really busy working and preparing for the holidays. But I'm back now and I wanted to share a few things with u guys today is this New Year's Eve look ! I'm late and posting this because that night was such a blur. I rang in the new with my friends and family and I couldn't have been more happier. So today's post is my makeup look from New Years, I wanted to go super super cray cray with glitter. But I also wanted this look to be like soft as well. So the glitter might not look like its on there but it is, I'm going to get a better camera.

        This look was so simple an fun to do, Also I wanted it easy for u guys to do if u like it.
Now as for my hair I wanted to be in yo FACE OUT THERE. So why not throw some buns in right( my anaconda don't my anaconda don't want none unless u got buns Hun!!! ). Lol but on a serious note I love u guys and I hope your holidays was filled with love and great memories. Let me know if you guys like this look , comment and tell what you guys think or what u guys want to see on my blog.

Muaaaaaah bye loves!

P.S. Check them brows out!


  1. Like these pictures, nice hair! Keep on posting,also in the new year!


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