August 18, 2015


Hey loves, 
 I'm back and with a lifestyle change, we all know we set weight loss goals or healthy eating goals for our selves and never really commit!. Well that stops here because I have committed to health and working out and eating healthy, making it apart of my everyday life. I was always an  athlete in school and never really thought about how I was eating and treating my body. But now that I'm done with high school and I am working mom. I now know that it is a must that I pay attention to my body. So this past weekend I started with eating healthier and also found a nice workout plan that is fun to do because I can pace myself. So weather if it's 15 minutes or 30 minutes a day I have been doing it. When I feel like a want something sweet I will reach for some fruit instead of junk. You have to push yourself everyday because it's going to be hard, but you have to stay determined , stay motivated and focus. At the end when you reach goals it's going to be all worth it! So I encourage all you guys to be active and move!




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