March 24, 2014


    Lovelies I'm back to discuss a very touchy issue with u guys. Now we have been hearing all the chaos going on about Kim kardashian and Kanye west getting the cover of VOGUE. How do you guys feel about it?  My thoughts personally if this was me speaking two years ago I would say no no no no absolutely not. But I  believe in second chances for everyone, so with that being said I believe that Kim has earned her spot in the fashion world, yes she has made plenty of mistakes in her past but I see her changing as a woman and a mother before our eyes. I hope she continues to surprise us more, I love seeing her signature look ( cropped top, oversized coat, and pencil skirt) making her classy and tasteful. Kanye on the other has a list of mistakes to make up for but once u see a person take steps towards bettering themselves is awesome. Their little family is just gorgeous, baby north is just too precious. Now with that being said VOGUE is huge. Do I think they deserve this cover yes I did but with due time in the future, but congrats is given to the happy family.




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